Odd Girl Out

I am a typical, average girl.

Or so I thought.

I have done well in the past year convincing myself that I am just like all the other girls. I like to do arts and crafts, I like to bake things, I wear clothes, and I like fluffy animals. All those things are true about almost all my girl friends. Obviously that means I am a normal girl; I must fit the stereotype.

Unfortunately, the more time I spend with other females, the more I just feel out of the loop. They always seem to be on the same page while I am scratching my head wondering, “what is wrong with these girls?” I am unsure of how to relate. I would imagine that the way I feel sometimes is the same way a guy feels when he is in a group of girls who are talking about clothes and puppies and flowers and other dumb stuff.

Here are a few of the differences I have noticed:

The kind of television and movies they watch is definitely on the opposite side of the spectrum from what I enjoy. During our last “ladies night,” they spent the last portion of the evening gushing about a tv series while I just sat and stared blankly. A show with historically accurate themes running through it. Ok, I get that, kinda. Do not get me wrong. I love history. But if I want to watch something historically accurate, I am going to watch a documentary, or a war movie. Better yet, just give me a history book. I want facts. I do not want it dressed up and I do not want it spread out over several seasons.

If I am going to watch television, I need something short that will keep my attention, like a sitcom. If it cannot be short, a few explosions and maybe a gun fight or high-speed chase should do the trick. It should also be hilarious and melt your brain a little. Sitcoms fit this role best. And when those have been exhausted, a good action film or series is the next best thing.

I have also noticed, since we are talking about movies, my female friends have no interest in horror movies. Now, I must say, scary movies are not my favorite and I usually avoid them, but sometimes the mood strikes. As long as the movie is not so gory to make me want to vomit, I can handle them pretty well. I may even have a marathon some nights. Many of my friends would not even consider doing that.

The dislike of scary movies seems to go hand in hand with another similarity that my girl friends share: they do not like to stay in a house alone. Something about living or being alone, especially at night, just seems to freak them out. This is the one that makes the least amount of sense to me. Maybe it is because I have lived alone for so long, but I have lost any fear of being by myself at night, regardless of how many scary movies I have watched.

In fact, I prefer to be alone. So much so, that I have even dismissed any thought of being married. Having someone else sleep in my bed just does not sound like a good idea. Maybe it would work out if he were willing to live in the crawl space… I am kidding… kinda. I do, however, have an occasional moment when I can relate to my single friends. I get lonely sometimes too, but that usually only lasts for about an hour and then I am right back to not knowing how to relate.

Now let’s add to all those things that I do not like flowers, children, babies, top 40 music, tiny dogs, girly movies, the color pink, talking about boys, talking at all…. And then there is my total lack of compassion and a long list of things I like that pushes me closer to the socially awkward computer nerd stereotype… Just seems like I am the odd girl out. The very odd girl out.

Maybe I just need more man friends.